ManicuresClassic Manicure - Our Classic Manicure provides a relaxing soak, nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, stress relieving hand massage and a choice of your polish applied to your nails. 20 Min - $12

Gel Manicure Includes a classic manicure and gel polish. Gel can also be applied over natural nails to keep them healthy and long. $25 (Color). $30 (French).

Citrus C Spa Manicure Relax as your hands are bathed in a citrus soak, nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, citrus scrub to exfoliate dry skin and wrapped in steamed towels. Then your hands are moisturized and massaged with aloe vera and skin softening ceramides. Your service is complete with a polish application of your choice. 30 Min - $25

Honey Lemon Manicure Indulge, as hands are placed in a citrus soak with fresh lemon slices, followed by a mineral lemon scrub filled with Vitamins A and E along with essential oils which exfoliate away dry dead skin. Your hands are then wrapped in steamed towels, followed by moisture which includes pure honey infused with vitamins. Then cucumber cream is applied and massaged in to melt away the tension. Your nails are then polished with your choice of color. 30 Min - $25

Spa Manicure Our Spa Manicure includes a relaxing soak including pineapple essential oil, exfoliation with a mineral scrub and mask, followed by a vitamin enriched massage cream. 30 Min - $25

Hot Stone Manicure Our Hot Stone Manicure provides a relaxing soak, nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, stress relieving hand massage with hot stones. 30 Min - $25

Best Spa Manicure Our Best Spa Manicure includes a relaxing soak with pineapple essential oil; an exfoliating scrub infused with vitamins. Hot stone massage follows along with a French Manicure. 40 Min - $35

Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure Combination - Our clients' favorite daily special. 50 Min - $35 (Please see "Pedicures" for Classic Pedicure description.)
**However, if you prefer to partake in a different combination of any of our other manicure and pedicure services (i.e. Honey Lemon Manicure), we will take $2 off of the total (i.e. original price is $47 for both, but with combo it will be lowered to $45). If you choose any other combination besides the classic manicure & pedicure we will take off $5. This final price does not reflect any other possible discounts or specials, so your total might be even lower!

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